Consider the scenario where you slept with someone and had a fantastic day. You want to wording them to see if they’re interested in another meetup because it was so fine. It’s acceptable to want more, but you must be upfront about your goals. Often, you might come off as hopeless, which is never a good thing to do.

Knowing what to text after a encounter is crucial because of this. It might be tempting to take him a communication that teases him, but you’ll get more successful if it’s brief and to the point. This message is flirtatious, but it only suggests that you want to meet up repeatedly. Additionally, it demonstrates your willingness to inquire, which may be what he seeks to learn.

This word is great to give following a connection because it is informal and lively. It’s a little bit filthy, but it also demonstrates your willingness to see the guy you’ve hooked up with as more than just your gender mate. Additionally, it’s a covert method to let him know that you’re however considering him.